Pongal 2008

As usual all friends came to native for pongal holidays, we had a very good get together that ended in a bitter way. Yes, while we are enjoying our moments, we planned to see Bheema but due to non-availability of seats, we forced to see Kaalai and that is the blunder mistake we made. The theatre was not crowded as we expected. Simbu shows all his heroism again in the picture. I cannot write any thing about the film here :(

Then in the evening, me and my brother's friend went to Bheema, this time we got the seat but in the third row. Bheema doesn't have a very good story, but worth watching for Vikram's acting & the way the stunts are filmed. Songs in the second half lengthens the film and made me to look for climax. At the end, everyone who acted in the film died (hero, heroine, villain, supporting characters & all). The film ends with the moral "கத்தி எடுத்தவனுக்கு கத்தியால் தான் சாவு." nothing more.

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bheema paathutia.. ok.. u

bheema paathutia..
ok.. u look like gnyana pazham da.. :)


gnyana pazhama??? enna archu

gnyana pazhama??? enna archu ippadi sollita :) anyways ok ;)