Dasavatharam, the most expected film of tamil industry in 2007 - 08 featuring Kamal and Asin as lead actors had made his ground to the public. Kamal acted in 10 different roles and Asin in 2 different roles. I watched the movie on the fourth day. The film is based on Chaos theory. Though kamal tries to explain the chaos theory, few of the scenes confuses the viewers or I don't know whether few scenes are deleted from the movie to shorten the film. The entire film has shown the happenings from 20-Dec-2004 to 26-Dec-2004.

The first 10 mins of the film is really superb, he proves that he is ulaga nayagan by his acting.Few characters can be avoided but he has shown the link between every characters.

The roles I really like are

1. Rangarajan Nambi - Vaishanavan

2. Balram Naidu - Telugu intelligence officer

3. Fletcher - The Killer, an X-CIA.

4. Vincent Poovaraagan - A Dalit who cares about the world & environment.

This film will be trend setter in tamil by making others to use the technologies to the maximum extent.