Finding a font from image

Its almost a year i have blogged. Now I am thinking about blogging small tips on computers which learn day to day for my use and in that list this is going to be my first blog entry.

Most of the times when browsing through any site I have been attracted by the Header images which have been used. But it will be very difficult to find the font used for the same. Stuck up with a same situation yesterday, I googled and found the site WhatTheFont. In this site you can find the font used for text in the image in 3 easy steps. The good thing about the site is that if the system doesn't finds a exact match for the font, it will show the closer match for the same.

Step 1: Upload the image to the site for which font needs to be identified or provide the URL for the image

Step 2: The system will identify the letters in the font and provide you a list, you have check whether the entries are correct and some times you may be asked to enter the characters to identify.

Step 3: Once identification of letters, is complete and submitted, the fonts matched for the image will be shown.

Not only the exact matches it will also show the matches closer to the image. This help us to find even more better fonts and you can buy from their site if you need those fonts :)

And if you are not able to find any fonts of your choice you can use their WhatTheFont Forum (I haven't used their Forum)