Python Presentation at TCE - FDP

Almost after 2.5 years, I took a presentation for a group of people in Thiagarajar college of Engineering on 04-Dec-09. It was a training program on FOSS to Faculty in southern region colleges.

FOSEEE in association with ILUGC and Thiagarajar College of Engineering conducted this workshop. It was a 5 day training program in which I handled Python Programming session on Day 5. The session went on well, I guess the participants were able to understand the concepts.

Thanks to Dr.Shalinie mam (HODCSE) and Padmavathi mam who invited me for this talk.

Thanks to Senthil Kumaran (stylesen) who shared his Python presentation which he used in a different occasion. It was a nice presentation so most of the thing was copied from his slides :)

Attached the presentation.