Family trip to Vaitheeswaran and Thirumanancheri

After a long time, last weekend we (my family) had been to Vaitheeswaran temple and Thirumanancheri , 25th dec to be precise. This is the first long trip ever since my mom recovered from her health problems. We started the trip in our sumo from Dharmapuri, decided to take the route suggested by Google Maps (Dharmapuri – Salem – Attur – Viruthachalam – Chidambaram – Seerkazhi – Vaitheeswaran). Till Salem, the journey was smooth, once past Salem, from Attur to Chidambaram, it was a nightmare. To be honest, I never seen such a worst road in my entire life, it took about 4 hours to cross 130 KMs. My Mom was not comfortable at all during the journey. We reached Vaitheeswaran Kovil around 6:30 am. After we refreshed, visited the temple. Vaitheeswaran temple is one of the Navagraha temples and this temple is devoted to Angaraka (Mars / Sevvai). We had good dharshan and left to Thirumanancheri temple afterwards. The travel to Thirumanancheri was nice, temple was surrounded by agriculture lands. After finishing the parihara pooja at Thirumanancheri, we started back to Dharmapuri. This time we enquired and decided to take up a different route (Vaitheeswaran Kovil – Seerkazhi - Chidambaram - Vadalur - Panruti Tirukkoyilur - Thiruvannamalai - ChengamDharmapuri). The road was far better than the other road and we had a nice return journey. It’s worth mentioning about Kollidam River which I have seen during this trip, it is very vast and nice to see.

I have uploaded the snaps in Picasa