I feel it is not so late to put this post, but Better Late than Never, Bye Bye 2009!!! Just recollecting about the things happened in 2009. This year left a remarkable trace in my life. Lots of learning both professionally and personally. In the professional front, visited TCE couple of times. Started to contribute again for TCENet and supported few projects in College. Started few individual projects which are yet to be completed. In the personal front, struggled a lot to get my mother back to normal health condition, advised (bored??) my brother a lot, made new friends, got answered for many confusions which was running for long time in my mind. While writing this post, I was thinking whether did I read Ponniyin Selvan in 2009? So that I can mention it about my first book reading, but found that I read it last in June 2008. Oops!!! Time is running like anything :(
And I have registered with the following major websites this year
1. Twitter - @sbalamurugan @bitbala
2. Facebook - balamurugan (dot) sekar (at) gmail.com
3. Google Wave - balamurugan (dot) sekar (at) gmail.com
4. LinkedIn - balamurugan (dot) sekar (at) gmail.com