Talk on Drupal at OSMEET11

Last Friday (4th Feb 2011), Freecode club of KLN College of Engineering, Madurai organized an Free/Open Source softwares conference in the name of OSMEET11. There were about 150+ participants from various colleges in and around Madurai. I had a good time in the conference and enjoyed it. I got chance to meet some new people like Santhosh, Sibi, Sukumar who were handling other talks in the confernece. Also, I met my other friends Joe, Stylesen and Azhaguselvan who got their schedules for the other sessions.I was scheduled to talk about Drupal for 1 hour. There were about 70+ participants for the talk. I talked about Basics of Drupal, Installation of Drupal and using it. Though I couldn't talk insights about Drupal. I was able to show some basic stuff about it. There were few good questions from audience during the talk and after the talk. I have attached the presentation with this post.Thanks to Praveen Raj of KLNCE for inviting me to the talk and providing a opportunity to talk.