Day on Pongal

Today morning i went to all my friends house and ate sweets. I called Sudha and Ranjani to wish (my juniors)them. The shocking news i heard is from 'The Hindu' which says about common placement in TamilNadu. Then Ranjani called me for clarifying whether to attend the placement for Wipro or not. I suggested her to attend. Few of my juniors got worried about the interview. I spoke to them how to face the interview and after that they got some confidence. It nice to see some body got encouraged by me. Gokul gave me and Dinesh a fine treat at Agarwal Bhavan. In the evening me, karthik, Dinesh, Naveen,Ganesh all went to ayya film. We reserved the ticket for the film (first time in Dharmapuri). The film is not so bad and not so good. Atlast i came to know that the placement is for final years and not for third years.

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I too saw Ayya film

I too saw Ayya film today
same as ur openion, but i felt they cried too much!!

and songs could have been done better..
enjying various treata.. kool