Attakasam '05

Attakasam '05 - The Flood Lights cricket match conducted as part of TCE Men's Hostel Day Celebration. One night me and few of my friends where chatting together at mess to decide the name of the Flood Lights cricket match. After few names suggested we decided to name it as Attakasam '05. Initially few of the hostellers who were Vijay fans not accepted the name so we asked them to name. But no one is ready to do it. So we finally decided to name it as so. I didn't done any of the prepration work like buying bat, ball, etc., since i got works at Lab. We planned to conduct the match from Feb 25 th to Feb 28th. Yesterday we inaugurated the match by asking Principal to play a ball. Then the real excitement starts.
This time i played in the team name called Madurai Kuthurai. We had our first match at midnight 12:30 and we won the match.
The match i enjoyed the most is between Gubeer Jolly and First years. The players of Gubeer Jolly are really very funny. They weared vehicle Helmets for playing Tennis ball. Today morning the first match starts from 6:45 AM and i got my next match at Tommorrow morning 7:30 AM.