Bad Luck...

This monday i went to B.Arch Department for getting my photograph taken in the College Day. I found that my photo and few of photos who got medals next to me got exposed. I felt very sad. The college photographer gave me a idea to clip the portion of medal recieving in the College Day Video CD. I went to ECE Department sat there around 3 hours for copying the Video CD ( the system is dead slow ). I watched the Video at Hostel. The camera man initally stood behind the medal winners and was recording. At the time i receive the medal the camera man switched off the camera and changed the direction of Coverage. So my portion is missing in the Video also. So i got no photographs standing with Dr.Venu Srinvasan,Managing Director, Sundaram Motors.
Bad Luck :-(

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hi it is not a bad luck for

it is not a bad luck for u
it is the bad luck for the college that they couldnt save those photos of u and ur friends!!!!!!!!!!
however u have that wonderful moment (copies) in ur mind!!!!!


Never mind bala Mr.Venuis not

Never mind bala
Mr.Venuis not lucky to have ur photograph :)
i jus got one prize frm my school, none frm college, and thankgod they took it well... :)-->