Recap of 8th Semester Exams...

Exam #1. Parallel Processing and Computing:
For this exam i studied about 700 pages. This was the heavy portion we studied here in this college. But the subject was very interesting. It deals with Parallel Computing concepts. Each unit covers about 7 topics. Each topic had good explanatory answers and examples. I am able to study only 3 units completely and from 2 other units i just studied few selected questions. The question paper was fine and i done it fair.

Exam #2: Multimedia Systems
This subject is also interesting one. Three units are very interesting which deals about compression techniques like mpeg, jpeg etc., Last two units very boring which tells about Multimedia Operating Systems and other stuffs. The question paper is very lengthy. Each question got two subdivisions. Any way i am able to finish the Question paper.

Exam #3: Operating System Design
The subject i like the most, because its my area of interest. I studied superbly for this exam. I left 2 topics Hard Disk Driver and IO software. But my bad time those questions are asked but i wrote some relevant answer. Overall performance is fair (not upto expectation).

Exam #4: Engineering Economics and Management
This subject interesting to study but hard to reproduce in the paper. This paper gives me idea about management techinques. The question paper is easy. But i am not able to recollect points but i wrote what ever comes to my mind.

Exam #5: Network Security (Elective 1)
Very little portion. Question paper is very easy. Among all the subjects i wrote this exam superbly.

Exam #6: Mobile Applications (Elective 2)
Very easy paper to study. This paper gives idea about WML. How JSP, ASP are used in wireless application programming etc., Question paper very lengthy. Question paper covers the entire syllabus. I wrote some what fine.
This is my last theory exam as a UG Student.

Waiting for results which might be on May 6th.