My Days at Wipro

Reporting Day:(24th June 2005)
I had a very little sleep in the day before night. Wake up early in the morning and got ready. Started from my cousin house at 7:30 AM and reached Sarjarpur Office at 8:20 AM. K.N.Karthik joined me there and they verified our Mark Sheets and other Ceritificates. Free Lunch was provided ;-) And at the end of day they provided us the ID cards with Access Cards. They told us that we will have training at Electronic city's Floating Learning Center.

First Day:(27th June 2005):
I am little bit nervous about catching the bus at M.G. Road. My cousin Ashok dropped me in the bus stop. The company people told that bus with 'New Joinees' Board will pick us but no such bus came so boarded the employee's bus and reached the Electronic city at 8:35 AM. Searched Floating Learning Center and enter the class. They gave general introduction about the company's policies. In the evening we told about the Bus routes. I was asked to board the bus at Clawrence School at 7:20 AM. At the end of the day they told us the domain we are going to belong. I got Telecom and Internet Domain. Most of CSE students and ECE students got these domain. IT students got Interops and few got TIS domain.

Second Day:(28th June 2005):
I went to the bus stop near Clawrence school and waited there from 7:10 AM but no bus came there. So i waited there till 7:45 AM and went home back. My cousin Ashok dropped me at Electronic city in bike (distance is around 2o Km). When i enquired the driver of the bus in the evening they told me that they changed the bus route. The stop is very far from my uncle's house. So i decided to take another bus. The transport details in website specifies that the bus will stop at Cox Town circle.
Today we had IMPACT session, i.e how to improve our soft skills.

Third Day:(29th June 2005):
I went to that bus stop. My fate today also I missed the bus, the same story again. When i enquired they told the changed the bus route. So i find the nearest bus stop to my uncle's house which is Frazer Town Police station. Today's session is IMPACT.

Fourth Day:(30th June 2005):
For the first time i caught the bus at right place. The bus arrives to the stop at 7:35 AM and reaches Electronic city at 8:40 AM (ten minutes after official start of the day). Today's Session is IMPACT.

About Impact the session is really superb and all the students are given enough time to bring out their best. I feel very confident myself in facing the IT field now. The person who handled us the class is really very interactive and he gave tips on handling tough situations.

Fifth Day(31st June 2005):
Today's morning session is Wipro Values and After noon's session is Business Unit Induction. Afternoon an instructor came and explained about the Bussiness units in Telecom and Internet Domain and explained about the place of posting.

More to come...........

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nice to see your updates

nice to see your updates bala.. :)
it was sad to know that bus miss stuff for the first 2 days.. :-( though you managed it..

No idea where i will be posted.. where i should go, wat domain etc.. nothign i know.. :(

waiting, waiting for the joining date mail......


Hey bala., I'm not sure

Hey bala.,

I'm not sure whether you can give details about your training on a website. Check your NDA. Anywayz., good to see that you are having fun. :)


It really scares me of your

It really scares me of your bus missing experiences.I think i should be prepared for that.


am going to join wipro

am going to join wipro shortly, you bus experiences scare me too.. :(