Got a saree for mom

Its long since iam blogging, almost after a month. Yesterday I bought a silk saree for my mom.This is my first gift to my mom with my salary. Me and cousins went to M.G Road, had lunch at Hyderabad Briyani. Vinoth - my cousin's friend gave us the treat for buying new vehicle, went to Cool joint, had ice cream. By the time we returned home it started raining. In Bangalore the climate is really superb., but we cannot predict the climate. I like the cool climate here.

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hi bala, nice to see u

hi bala,
nice to see u bloggin again..anyway how is the work at wipro??


hey bala :) nice to see

hey bala :)

nice to see update from ur side..
wat about my gift..
iam yet to join wipro ya :-S
you got ur sal..
bit envy frm my side..

hehehe jus kidding..
be in touch..