Festival Week

Last week was a memorable one for everyone because of festival holidays. Got leave for 3 days, most of my colleagues are off for the entire week. Since my native place is near to bangalore I didn't applied for leave, i went to home only for the holidays. I started to Dharmapuri the day before Diwali. All the Hosur bus was jam-packed, i could see people travelling in the top of the bus. On the day of Diwali me and my friends went to Sivakasi film. According to me i wasted my money and time by seeing that movie. The day went fine by chatting with friends, eating sweets..
On Friday we went to Athu oru kana kalam film. The film was slow moving but the way it shooted is quite natural. Everyone who acted in the film done their best. Hats off to Balu Mahendra for making everyone to do their best. On Saturday i returned to Bangalore. From Monday, again the normal routine work started (going to office, returning....). Its quite hard to get a holiday week again.