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After some struggle i am able to install GNU/Linux. I got the new Debian Sarge 14 CDs when i went to Madurai for FStival. After long time i am installing the GNU/Linux. I faced few problems while installing which i never faced before. The first one is the installation of GRUB to the boot partition is failed. When checking i found that bootable flag for /boot partition is set to false. So i changed the bootable flag to true. I dont know whether thats the real solution but it works. This is the first time i created separate partition for boot since Joe told me that it might be necessary if Debian is installed in 80 GB HDD. After that installation went smooth and the Debian Base System was installed. I logged into a GNU/Linux machine after long time (almost after 6 months). The second problem was i am not able to configure the source for apt. when i entered /dev/cdrom as device file for CDROM, error thrown as /dev/cdrom is not a block file. When tried to mount the cdrom using /dev/cdrom file "open failed" error shown. So, i started googling for the solution and found a valuable solution from . As from the instructions i tried to give /dev/hdb as CDROM device file and it worked. I dont know how my previous installations when i was in college went fine when i enter /dev/cdrom for CDROM. Then the installation got over and i am able to login to my GNU box. Spent a little time with that and felt happy to work in GNU box again.

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hehe.. you got spammed. Dai., bala.. delete the previous comment. It is a link spam. See., that comment has a link to a site. Now., when google indexes pages., that site will get a huge index boost. It will corrupt the google search database. The best way to avoid such things is to enable 'users only comment' option in the blog settings. and also the 'text image thing' to avoid spambots.


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Thanks joe., I deleted the

Thanks joe.,
I deleted the spam comments.
Also turned on the word verification feature. :)