Bye!! Bye!! Gilly

 Yet another blow for Australian Cricket, following the retirement of McGrath and Shane Warne last year. Gilchrist, my only favorite player in Australia Team getting retired from all forms of game. His spectacular catches and shots will be missed by every one. He can be rightly called as the Gentle man of the gentle man's game. Hope to see him soon dealing with ICL :)

Pongal 2008

As usual all friends came to native for pongal holidays, we had a very good get together that ended in a bitter way. Yes, while we are enjoying our moments, we planned to see Bheema but due to non-availability of seats, we forced to see Kaalai and that is the blunder mistake we made. The theatre was not crowded as we expected. Simbu shows all his heroism again in the picture. I cannot write any thing about the film here :(

Then in the evening, me and my brother's friend went to Bheema, this time we got the seat but in the third row. Bheema doesn't have a very good story, but worth watching for Vikram's acting & the way the stunts are filmed. Songs in the second half lengthens the film and made me to look for climax. At the end, everyone who acted in the film died (hero, heroine, villain, supporting characters & all). The film ends with the moral "கத்தி எடுத்தவனுக்கு கத்தியால் தான் சாவு." nothing more.

New Year Trip

Thought of updating this for a long time, got a chance to update today. As planned, Me, my brother and my brother friends left to Palani on New Year morning before the sun rise. Our first destination, Thirumoorthymalai we reached around 11:30 morning. At 01:00 we had our bath. The water is so fresh and the entire place is like ice water flowing as river. After a nice bath, we started to Palani and reached by 05:00 PM. There I completed my venduthal of putting mottai ;) Had a very good dharishanam in the temple and started back home at 09:00 PM. The whole way back we had very good discussion (like neeya nana) in the car with Hari.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip :)

At thirumoorthimalai dam

Me at thirumoorthimalai dam

After mottai

After mottai

Pendrive Linux

Recently I came to know about Pendrive Linux (Running Linux from Pendrive) and I was interested in trying that. In Pendrive Linux website, I read about the information given about the same. GNU/Linux can boot from a flashdrive where booting from FlashDrive is allowed. Also, I saw information about booting GNU/Linux inside Windoze without rebooting the system. I downloaded the setup file and tried it today. I was really happy to see the Linux window after very long time :)

Initially LiveCDs came up and now PenDrive Linux :) Hope GNU/Linux can be booted from all type of storage medias soon.

Instructions for starting Pendrive Linux in Windoze without rebooting:

  1. Download QemuPDL.exe and run the executable. (It will extract to a folder named QemuPDL)
  2. Password to extract is
  3. Navigate to the QemuPDL folder and click the LaunchPDL.bat file to start running Pen Drive Linux from Windows.

Complete instructions can be found from website

100+ days

Its being 100+ days I blogged last. Now a days I am getting very lazy to update my blog. Today I was thinking about it and decided to start blogging again :)

I don't know really how effective its going to be :)

Sivaji - The Boss - Review

As per my plan, I saw the film on the first day. Started from office at 04:30 PM and reached Dharmapuri by 07:45 PM. Went to the theatre by 08:15 by that time evening show was still running. Since it is my friend's theatre, went inside without any problems. The show started at 09:15 and ended by 01:00. The film totally got 19 reels which runs for 03 hours and 15 mins.


Sivaji is a Rajini film directed by Shankar and not a Shankar film starring Rajini; which one do you prefer? One thing for sure, if you prefer the latter you are surely in the minority. Now you may be getting a feel of what the movie is like.

The movie has everything that the trailers had promised. The fun, the lover, the terror and the boss. The first half of the film gives fun and the lover sivaji and the second half gives the terror and the boss sivaji.

Vivek done his work really superb, he was with Rajini almost all the scenes except the last few mins. Rajini's mottai Boss style is ultimate.

Though the film lags usual punch dialogues and Rajini's styles, the movie is a complete entrainer for the one who see it as a Rajini film. Inspite of Rajini, Vivek delivers the punch dialogues.

Few of the punch dialogues:

1. Chittoor thandinaa Katpadi... Sivajia theendina Dead Body.

2. Six-ku appuram Seven... Intha Sivajiku appuram Yeven da?

and one Rajini's punch dialogue I could remember is:

Panni thanda kootam kootama varum... Singam enaikum singlea than varum :)

Overall i can give 4 stars for the film :) 4 Stars

Waiting for Sivaji - The Boss

Yet another Rajini Film creating lot of expectations in the TamilNadu and in Tamilans in all other countries. It is learnt that AVM, the producers of the film made arrangements to print 600 copies (WOW!!!) of the film for release all over the world. Ticket booking is already started and in major cities the booking is closed till July :D Anyhow, in my native there is no reservations made, so waiting for the day to watch the movie on the screen. Lets see how Sivaji is going to rock the screens :)



First day in Nokia

After very long journey back from the trip, I woke up at 08:00 and made the things ready for my joining formalities in Nokia. Started from home with my cousin in car to the office, I reached office at 10:00. Balaji who is my project mate in Wipro was already waiting for me there. At 10:30 we had formal introduction with HR Manager. After filling up all the formality documents, we were taken to our Project Manager who took us around to give intro to my new colleagues. After few mins, he shown us our places and for the whole day we were sitting idle because we don't have username and password to logon to the PC :) We roamed the entire building to get all the required information like where to get free coffees, stationery items :) and we got the information about transport facilities. We started back to home sharply at 05:30 by company cabs.

Trip to Gokarna, Murudeshwar and Kollur

This trip with my cousin and his friends was planned a month ago. Initially we decided to go for Gokarna and Goa (if possible). But due to some problems we decided not to go for Goa, as Goa is not a place to be seen in a single day. We started bit late on Friday night, and reached Gokarna in the morning around 10:00. Gokarna beach is a really nice place to visit. It has 4 beaches, and we visited Om Beach. Om Beach is really nice. I never seen a ocean standing on a high hill. It was such good sight seeing. We played in the beach sand and enjoyed the time over there. From there we started around 05:00 to Murudeshwar and reached there by 09:00, we took a cottage near to Beach and it was amazing view of the sea. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple towering on the small hill called Kanduka Giri. Recently a Lord Shiva idol erected beside the temple. The idol towers 123 feet into the sky and is the tallest Shiva idol in the world. We went for a boating inside the sea. In the half way mid, the boat's motor got switched off and we started shouting, every one get down and start pushing the boat :D From there we started to Kollur Mookambika temple. From there we started to Bangalore and reached by morning 05:00. Overall its a nice trip.

OM Beach - View from the Top

OM Beach

Murudeshwar Shiva Idol

Murudeshwar Shiva Idol

Last Day in Wipro

Today is my Last day in Wipro. Came to EC at 08:30 and waited for Balaji to come. Met all my old project mates and had a leaving presentation. Me and Balaji left to Sigma Building for the final settlement at 11:00 AM. By the time we reach there, its lunch time from them. So we gave our separation application and waited for them to come back. The settlement was made after lunch. Me and my exiting colleagues left the Sigma building at 05:30 and reached home by 06:30.

Few things which surprised me in the past 1 year and 11 months in Wipro.

1. I never missed by Bus in the morning after knowing the exact route of the Bus. I missed twice before that. That shows how punctual I am :)

2. I never forgot to take my Wipro Badge with me. That shows my memory power :)


3. My bus while returning to home never crossed the Trinity signal without stopping there.

Anyhow, 1 year and 11 months Life in wipro comes to an end by today.

Looking for a challenging job ahead.

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