Today we went to Southall, 30 mins travel from Reading (the place we stay) by train. Southall is place where you feel that you are in India. 90% of the people there are Indians that too mostly Punjabis. Places like Reading will be quite even you cannot hear horn sounds. They call that as sound pollution. But in southall you can see songs playing at peak sounds in cars, shops everywhere. We roamed there and took few snaps. I uploaded the pictures in Y! Photos 

First Flight Travel

Yet another special day in my life. Yes, today for the first time in my life I travelled in flight. :D From Bangalore i travelled to London to work from the client place. The flight is at 06:30 and i started at 03:00 from home. Once all the formalities done, at 06:15 me and my team lead boarded the British Airways flight. At 12:30 BST we reached London. The place is really good, very classical. Yet more to come.  

On My bday

I am blogging after long time. Yesterday was my birthday and i turn 23 years. This year birthday was my best birthday of all. I woke up at 9:00 (too late on a bday). I started receiving calls from 12:00 Midnight. In the morning me and my cousins did some House Cleaning works and in the afternoon, me and my cousin Nandu went to Marathahalli for Shopping. We got some shirts and pants and went to Jayanagar, roamed there. At 7:00 i returned home where everything is set for function. This is my first birthday with cake cutting and all. After the celebrations at home we went to Hyderabad Briyani at M.G Road. We enjoyed a lot there and returned to home at 11:00. The most happiest day come to an end. Almost all of my college mates, school mates called me and wished yesterday :) I got the maximum number of calls yesterday :D

Lot needs to be updated...

Its being a long time i updated my blog. Got lot of things to update - My trip to chennai, My New Mobile..... Will do it soon :)

Madurai trip || Birth of the Year - 2006

I went to Madurai on December 29th and 30th. On 29th Evening i reached college and met senthil. He took me to the newly setted CCC Lab at college. The Lab is really fine and the thing which i needed when i studied in college had been granted i.e 24 hrs Lab :) The CCC Lab had the newly bought HP servers, Blade Servers, NAS Box, SAN Box and many more. But as usual, most of the students using the system for checking mails. The admin of the lab really worried about this. Students must use this kind of opportunity for some good things not only for checking mails. That night me, senthil and praveen had a discussion about the current New TCENet development. On Friday i went to college to collect the Provisional Certificate and there i met the newly joined TCENet students. Had a nice chat with them. Started from madurai that night and reached Dharmapuri. Started to Bangalore on Saturday for celebrating new year 2006.
For the last 4 year i celebrated the New year in Hostel and this year in Bangalore at Uncle's house.
We bought cakes, cool drink to celebrate the new year. Exactly at 12:00, my cousin sliced the cake. The next moment most of the cake creams was in the face of us. Till 2'0 clock the celebration continues with dancing, chatting. In short we enjoyed a lot for this new year.
On Jan 1st evening me and my cousins went to Market show in Cox town. The next day the as usual routine starts.

Installed Debian GNU/Linux

After some struggle i am able to install GNU/Linux. I got the new Debian Sarge 14 CDs when i went to Madurai for FStival. After long time i am installing the GNU/Linux. I faced few problems while installing which i never faced before. The first one is the installation of GRUB to the boot partition is failed. When checking i found that bootable flag for /boot partition is set to false. So i changed the bootable flag to true. I dont know whether thats the real solution but it works. This is the first time i created separate partition for boot since Joe told me that it might be necessary if Debian is installed in 80 GB HDD. After that installation went smooth and the Debian Base System was installed. I logged into a GNU/Linux machine after long time (almost after 6 months). The second problem was i am not able to configure the source for apt. when i entered /dev/cdrom as device file for CDROM, error thrown as /dev/cdrom is not a block file. When tried to mount the cdrom using /dev/cdrom file "open failed" error shown. So, i started googling for the solution and found a valuable solution from . As from the instructions i tried to give /dev/hdb as CDROM device file and it worked. I dont know how my previous installations when i was in college went fine when i enter /dev/cdrom for CDROM. Then the installation got over and i am able to login to my GNU box. Spent a little time with that and felt happy to work in GNU box again.

Early Morning Dream...

There is a belief that early morning Dream comes true. But I don't know how this dream going to be true. I don't remember the exact dream, just blogging some pieces of the dream. I am walking down for the first day of the school. I was roaming in the school to know about my class. I entered Chemistry lab and my friends are sitting there. A staff was there and discussing with the students, the surprise in this is, she was my college lecturer. Before my dream gets completion my alarm started to wake me up. Every one, who had a nice time in school will enjoy being back to those days. I am not a exceptional one. Looking for a nice opportunity to meet all my school friends at school. :)

Rain played again in Chennai

This is not the first time Rain spoiling the game at Chennai. I dont understand why BCCI conducts these type of important matches in Chennai during Rainy Season. Everyone knows Chennai has monsoon during November and Decemeber. But the BCCI doesn't care about this and trying to conduct matches here during this time. This match is so important for many of them. Ganguly's come back, Dravid first Test match as a regular captain. Its big miss for all.

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