Festival Week

Last week was a memorable one for everyone because of festival holidays. Got leave for 3 days, most of my colleagues are off for the entire week. Since my native place is near to bangalore I didn't applied for leave, i went to home only for the holidays. I started to Dharmapuri the day before Diwali. All the Hosur bus was jam-packed, i could see people travelling in the top of the bus. On the day of Diwali me and my friends went to Sivakasi film. According to me i wasted my money and time by seeing that movie. The day went fine by chatting with friends, eating sweets..
On Friday we went to Athu oru kana kalam film. The film was slow moving but the way it shooted is quite natural. Everyone who acted in the film done their best. Hats off to Balu Mahendra for making everyone to do their best. On Saturday i returned to Bangalore. From Monday, again the normal routine work started (going to office, returning....). Its quite hard to get a holiday week again.

Wipro Office @ Madiwala

Wipro Office at Madiwala was badly damaged by rain.
The pics taken on 24-October-2005.

Today its heavily raining here. Normal life of Bangaloreians gets affected a lot because of the rain.

Rain @ Bangalore

Its heavily rained on Saturday. Reports said that after 49 years, Bangalore is flooded like this. Most of the places flooded are around Hosur road. The picture shows what rain does to Bommanahalli, Hosur Road.

Traffic!!! Traffic!!! Traffic!!! Everywhere in Bangalore

For the past one week i am reaching home at 8:30, starting at 6:10 from Electronic City. My home is 25 kms far from Electronic City. It tooks about an hour to reach my home when the traffic is normal. But for the past one week, traffic is very high in Bangalore. It tooks about an hour to reach Bommanahalli (8 kms from Electronic City). Its very hard to sit in the bus for two and half hours. Lot of traffic happens because of trucks break down in Hosur road. Though trucks are not allowed inside the City in the evening but no way they can stop entering in Hosur road. Recently there was proposal for elevated roads for Hosur road. That alone can solve the famous Hosur road slow moving traffic.

Test for Stupidity and Nerd level...

Test Result which took in Nerdtest

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FStival '05

I went to Madurai on Septmeber 10, 2005 to attend FStival '05, Software Freedom Day Celebration at Thiagarajar College of Engineering organised by GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai. Joe came there to attend the FStival '05. I see lot of changes in Joe's apperance.
The chief guest is Mr.Murali, Consultant in AU-KBC research center. His appearance makes me to wonder at him. Such a great person with long hairs and he was very simple.In the morning session, he gave a nice talk on FOSS and how FOSS is emerging in Industries. After that Demo stalls were organised. I burnt the new Debian GNU/Linux Distro.

Last year we conducted this event. This year we are just looking at it. Time is running very fast. In the afternoon, we had a formal meeting regarding changing TCENet to Phython and GNU/Linux. At 4 PM the FStival Demo Stalls are closed and we started walking. Had a nice chat with all my juniors. I was remembering lot of moments happened in College. At 7PM i went to Madurai Meenakshi amman Temple and spent some time there and started to Dharmapuri. Usually when i start to home from college i will be happy. But not this time. Unwillingly i said "Bye" to Madurai.

Got a saree for mom

Its long since iam blogging, almost after a month. Yesterday I bought a silk saree for my mom.This is my first gift to my mom with my salary. Me and cousins went to M.G Road, had lunch at Hyderabad Briyani. Vinoth - my cousin's friend gave us the treat for buying new vehicle, went to Cool joint, had ice cream. By the time we returned home it started raining. In Bangalore the climate is really superb., but we cannot predict the climate. I like the cool climate here.

My Days at Wipro

Reporting Day:(24th June 2005)
I had a very little sleep in the day before night. Wake up early in the morning and got ready. Started from my cousin house at 7:30 AM and reached Sarjarpur Office at 8:20 AM. K.N.Karthik joined me there and they verified our Mark Sheets and other Ceritificates. Free Lunch was provided ;-) And at the end of day they provided us the ID cards with Access Cards. They told us that we will have training at Electronic city's Floating Learning Center.

First Day:(27th June 2005):
I am little bit nervous about catching the bus at M.G. Road. My cousin Ashok dropped me in the bus stop. The company people told that bus with 'New Joinees' Board will pick us but no such bus came so boarded the employee's bus and reached the Electronic city at 8:35 AM. Searched Floating Learning Center and enter the class. They gave general introduction about the company's policies. In the evening we told about the Bus routes. I was asked to board the bus at Clawrence School at 7:20 AM. At the end of the day they told us the domain we are going to belong. I got Telecom and Internet Domain. Most of CSE students and ECE students got these domain. IT students got Interops and few got TIS domain.

Second Day:(28th June 2005):
I went to the bus stop near Clawrence school and waited there from 7:10 AM but no bus came there. So i waited there till 7:45 AM and went home back. My cousin Ashok dropped me at Electronic city in bike (distance is around 2o Km). When i enquired the driver of the bus in the evening they told me that they changed the bus route. The stop is very far from my uncle's house. So i decided to take another bus. The transport details in website specifies that the bus will stop at Cox Town circle.
Today we had IMPACT session, i.e how to improve our soft skills.

Third Day:(29th June 2005):
I went to that bus stop. My fate today also I missed the bus, the same story again. When i enquired they told the changed the bus route. So i find the nearest bus stop to my uncle's house which is Frazer Town Police station. Today's session is IMPACT.

Fourth Day:(30th June 2005):
For the first time i caught the bus at right place. The bus arrives to the stop at 7:35 AM and reaches Electronic city at 8:40 AM (ten minutes after official start of the day). Today's Session is IMPACT.

About Impact the session is really superb and all the students are given enough time to bring out their best. I feel very confident myself in facing the IT field now. The person who handled us the class is really very interactive and he gave tips on handling tough situations.

Fifth Day(31st June 2005):
Today's morning session is Wipro Values and After noon's session is Business Unit Induction. Afternoon an instructor came and explained about the Bussiness units in Telecom and Internet Domain and explained about the place of posting.

More to come...........

Got the Joining Date

Right from the morning i am got many good news. Today in the morning around 11 AM Karthik.G, my dear most friend called me and told that he got placed in TCS. Around 3 PM, one of my college junior called me and told that She got placed in Wipro (now my colleague). At 8 PM i just playing games in the system, i don't know what makes me to me check the mail. Because i usually check mails only after 11 PM. I got a mail from Wipro regarding the joining date.( a thing i am expecting for many days ). My training starts on June 27. I have to report on June 24. My place of training and posting will be at Bangalore. Along with me my class mates Narayanan, K.N.Karthik got the same date to join.

An interesting Article in 'The Hindu'

A interesting article about 'Improving Data compression' is published in June 8, 2005. The article is available at http://www.hindu.com/seta/2005/06/09/stories/2005060900151500.htm

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